Build Low Code Apps using APEX

At Oracle, we’ve developed Oracle Database Appliance that is simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database solutions for organizations of every size. Optimized for the Oracle Database it integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to deliver database services. It comes included with Oracle APEX which is a low code platform to build and deploy applications rapidly without any dependence on IT staff. This can help support the needs of Line of Business users, Business Analysts, IT / App development professionals to meet changing business requirements and build departmental productivity apps quickly and easily.

Productivity at Lower Cost
With Oracle APEX, your organization can be more agile – build apps faster, for less cost, and with greater consistency. You can adapt to changing requirements with ease and produce stunning results for your business.

  • APEX Platform comes with over 30 pre-built and ready to use productivity apps that can get you up and running in minutes
  • Build fully responsive apps, so they work just as well on small screen as it does on larger ones without rework or additional coding

No Software to Install and Manage
Oracle APEX is easy to install to Oracle Database Appliance, users can start building and running applications within minutes. There is no client software to install and no hardware or licensing requisitions that must be pushed through your purchasing department.

  • It is completely Oracle managed and this means there is no administration and management needed for this platform.
  • APEX on Oracle Database Appliance simply to manage

Simple, Secure and Powerful
Oracle APEX is easy to use and easy to learn. The Application Builder provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface which guides you through the creation of your applications.

  • Build a wide variety of apps for any industry – from the simplest app from a spreadsheet, to mission-  critical apps which are used daily by tens of  thousands of users.
  • APEX has been used to power thousands of applications around the globe for years

Solutions for all Business needs
Oracle APEX can be used to deliver solutions to real business problems and provide immediate value to your organization.

  • Build internal apps, for a few users of a department, or the whole organization, or to build public-facing apps for customers and partners.
  • With APEX on ATP, there is no need to spend time on tuning, indexing, optimizing performance and scalability of apps as this is automated using Machine  Learning

Component Product Solution:

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition2
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Oracle Database Options
    • Oracle Multitenant
    • Oracle RAC One Node
    • Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC)
    • Oracle Diagnostics Pack
    • Oracle Tuning Pack