ownCloud, your file cloud

5 reasons to choose ownCloud for file collaboration

1. It’s easy to use and efficient

Your staff love public cloud services for their smooth user experience and powerful features that usually outdo conventional, boring business software. For businesses,that is a problem, because storing sensitive documents and user data brings a number of risks, threats and liabilities. With ownCloud, your staff get usability and productivity features on par with public cloud providers, but you stay in control of precious company data. Staff can open a file with their favorite desktop software or mobile app. When they save, it gets synced back to all devices the file is shared with. They can also open files in the web interface – ownCloud integrates with Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office Online. Oh, and with ownCloud, you can work with files of unlimited size.

2. It’s secure and makes privacy compliance easy

With a comprehensive and strong security architecture, ownCloud makes sure your data is stored and processed securely and in compliance with privacy regulation. It encrypts files, blocks illicit uploads through Antivirus and illicit file access through the File Firewall. The ownCloud File Lifecycle extension makes sure files are archived and later disposed of according to policies. Ransomware Protection makes sure attacks are frustrated. Classification means access privileges can be allocated automatically based on file metadata.

3. It’s brings deployment choice

Many file clouds have deployment restraints. ownCloud works where you work. You can install ownCloud in a hosted environment, as an appliance, with Docker, with Kubernetes, in a hyperscaler, or on premises, or as a hybrid solution. On a single disk, on object or cutting-edge cluster storage. ownCloud and we as a partner offer optional help in deploying and managing ownCloud. For smaller workforces, ownCloud offers a certified secure single-instance SaaS ownCloud hosted in Germany.

4. It’s open source

ownCloud is open source, so there are no backdoors, you can check. Modern enterprise-grade open source boosts innovation, stability and performance. A large community makes sure vulnerabilities are uncovered fast. With household-name organizations using and adapting ownCloud, valuable improvements flow back into the code – which eventually benefits all users.

5. It’s adaptable to fit your use cases

ownCloud embraces open standards so extra functionality can be integrated seamlessly through API integration. For starters, ownCloud mounts Windows Network Drives, SMB, SharePoint, LDAP Homes, s3, Dropbox, Google Drtive and FTP. Through OpenID Connect, ownCloud integrates with the market leading Identity Providers.